Detailed game assets, ready-to-use!

Making games is expensive. If you're looking to cut down on development costs or are simply looking for placeholder art while you're working on your own models, consider picking up one of our Unity or Unreal asset packs.

Check our available Asset Packs below:

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Board game assets

Boardgame Asset Pack

Make your own board games & prototypes. Most elements can be customized in color and material. This pack contains:

Deck of playing cards, Chess set, Dice: 4-6-8-10-20 sided, Domino set, Mikado set, Coins/fake bills, Pawns, Dice cup, Long + round play table, Poker chips, Round/Hexagonal/Square tiles

Get the Boardgame Asset Pack (Unreal) Get the Boardgame Asset Pack (Unity)
Low poly pirate Assets

A set of 4 low poly historical ships with adjustable sails, including a prop set. This package contains the following:

4 x Ships with blendshapes added to open/close sails, 2 x Barrels, 3 x Crates, 3 x Rocks, 7 x Planks, 2 x Trees, 2 x Cannons, 2 x Cannonballs, 1 x Sand heap

Get the Low Poly Historic Ships (Unity)
Ancient Temple Assets

These ruins are based off of the etruscans. An enigmatic culture that came before the romans. It contains a wide variety of pieces like stone ruins, wood structures, nature and props to create scenes with an ancient motif:

Get the Ancient Temple Ruins Asset Pack (Unity)
UE4 weapon pack

This asset pack contains a collection of 10 sci-fi themed weapons: Axe, Great sword, Katana, Morning star, Short sword, Warhammer, Spear, Kunai and 2 types of Shuriken (+materials).

Get the Sci-Fi Weapons Asset Pack (Unreal) Get the Sci-Fi Weapons Asset Pack (Unity)
Dark Ritual Pack

A pack to create a dark ritual, includes: candles, a cauldron, books, a chalice, skulls, plants, a dagger, vials, a table, a candelabrum, magic symbols and everything you need for casting dark spells.

Get the Dark Rituals Asset Pack (Unity)
Civilisation weapons

This pack contains beautifully crafted weapons with a mix of cultural themes. Featuring 11 unique meshes in FBX format and 11 PBR materials with 4K textures.

Get the Cultural Melee Weapons Pack (Unreal) Get the Cultural Melee Weapons Pack (Unity)
Pink Planet Farm

Environment Asset pack that will make it possible to have let players farm for crops in a stylized alien landscape. With 40 prefabs, 43 FBX models and 13 PNG textures + 7 Materials (including terrain layers and skybox)

Get the Pink Planet Farm Landscape Pack (Unity)

Hoverbike includes PBR materials with 3 different skins (default, desert and forest camo) with a blueprint setup for movable pieces.

Get the Spacebike Vehicle Pack (Unity)