01 . What we do

Game Design

Just like every house needs a good foundation, we believe game design is the solid rock to start any game from.

Virtual Reality

We have an experienced team in spatial computing. Virtual, augmented or mixed? We’re up for any challenge!

Game production

In our game projects we aim for memorable impacts, top-notch physics and cohesive gameplay.

We make awesome stuff!

Based in the city of Ghent, Belgium, Mantis is an independent game development studio founded in 2018.

With a focus on VR, AR and other emerging technologies, Mantis is committed to making games that are meaningful, memorable and, above all, fun!

02 . our games

VR storytelling game

Journey For Elysium

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03 . News

Sign up for the Beta!

Mantis Games is looking for beta testers!
We would like to make sure our game runs smoothly on your device. Therefore, we will give away a few beta codes to a select amount of volunteers who contact us.

Sign up to our beta here!

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Dev Diary - Chapter 4: Story

Four months ago, we invited you to embark on an adventure with us through Journey For Elysium’s development. It is time now for the last chapter of our odyssey. For this final article, we’ll drop anchor on the story of Journey For Elysium.

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Dev Diary - Chapter 3: Art

Last time our paths crossed, we explored the mechanics of Journey For Elysium. This time we’ll be taking a closer look at the art and visual design in this article.

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Dev Diary - Chapter 2: Mechanics

We continue our adventure through Journey For Elysium‘s development. In this new chapter, we’ll dive into the game’s primary mechanics. You will discover its key features, how they work and how we built them.

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Dev Diary - Chapter 1: Origins

We invite you to embark with us on our adventure through Journey For Elysium’s creation. Starting from today, we’ll be sharing articles and Dev Diary videos as we continue developing the game.
Here’s our first article.

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Mantis on Gamescom 2018

Find us at the Belgian games booth and take a closer look at our latest project Journey For Elysium.

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04 . Calendar

05 . Our heroes

Meet the team

Arno Vanden Branden

Game Designer

Daniel Ruiz

3D Artist

San Nollet

3D Artist

Tim Neckebroeck

Game Programmer

Xavier De Coster

Product Manager

We do social stuff too